Machine building. Metal processing
Welding. Metallurgy

Exhibition of metal ware, equipment, technique, machine tools,
instruments and technologies for metalworking

March 15-18, 2011

ITE Siberian Fair, Novosibirsk, Russia

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Machine building. Metal processing. Welding. Metallurgy

International specialized exhibition "Machine building. Metal processing. Welding. Metallurgy" is the biggest specialized exhibition beyond the Urals covering this sphere. In spite of the crisis it has been developing and it has been contributing to the technical upgrade of Siberian enterprises. It has also been providing favorable conditions for the machine-building complex development. Demonstrating novelties the exhibition favors the application of innovations, upgrade of capital renewals and competitive growth.
For the first time the exhibition "Metals of Siberia" (it is an ex-title of the exhibition) was held in 1999 in the framework of the industrial forum "Sibpolytech". 
Exhibitors of "Metals of Siberia" made 28% from the total number of the forums' participants in 2002. In 2003 the exhibition was held independently and determined as international and specialized. In 2008 the exhibition was renamed into "Machine building. Metal processing. Welding. Metallurgy". This title reveals the main sections of the exhibition presented by machines, machine building tools, metal processing, metallurgic, welding equipment.

Total number of exhibitors: 111
Exhibitors' origin: Russia, Belorussia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine.
Total number of visitors: 1977
Visitors' origin: Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Germany.

About Novosibirsk region
Novosibirsk is the third biggest city of Russian Federation.
Distance from Moscow to Novosibirsk - 3191 km
Moscow-Novosibirsk flight time
Novosibirsk region area - 178000 sq.m
Novosibirsk population - 1,4 million

Market info
The metallurgic sector accounts for just 12% of Novosibirsk's regional manufacturing. Non-ferrous metallurgy (8,6%) and ferrous metallurgy (0,8%) are the most important industries.

For foreign companies the most important stimulator for investment or for establishing production facilities here is Novosibirsk's strategic geographic location. Whether producing goods for the regional or national Russian market or exporting to China and Central Asia, the cost savings shipping goods from Novosibirsk to these areas are significant.